“Fàilte gu Alba” : Welcome to Scotland!

A land full of tradition, heritage, passion and notably different from the rest of the UK; this is a destination full of legend and romance. Its ruined castles standing in fields of heather and bracken speak of a past heroic struggle. Its two great cities – the ancient seat of royalty, Edinburgh, and even more ancient Glasgow, boasting Victorian splendour – are among Europe’s most dynamic centres. Equally beautiful is the picturesque countryside and epic landscapes, with Highlands, mountains, lochs, salmon-filled rivers, world-class golf courses and so much more.


Home to our Scotland office; this beautiful and compact city provides the perfect base for a city programme or serve as an arrival/start point for a more diverse Scotland itinerary.  

Edinburgh has a wonderful dual personality; the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, split between the medieval Old Town and the Georgian splendour of the New Town. Yet it is also a vibrant, cosmopolitan city, boasting an exceptional blend of contemporary pubs and bars, restaurants, specialist retailers and leading attractions. Days can be spent exploring the city’s medieval alleyways and glorious architecture – not least the magnificent Edinburgh Castle, dramatically perched on an extinct volcano, high above the city centre. Whilst the night-time offers a wide variety of dining and entertainment options – from the traditional to the modern-day.


Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city and is often overlooked in favour of Edinburgh.  But think again – Glasgow is one of the most exciting cities you’ll ever come across in the UK.  It offers a lively, bustling destination, distinctive and full of character, where you are sure to get a warm welcome.

Renowned for its culture and style, this is a city with striking architecture, contemporary art spaces and fascinating museums, many of which are free. Glasgow city centre is one of the best shopping destinations in the UK, outside of London’s West End, and when it comes to nightlife, Glasgow knows what it’s doing. With a diverse culinary scene, abundance of pubs and bars as well as some of the UK’s best music venues, this is the city for the night owls.

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Located just 75 mins drive north-east from Edinburgh airport, Perthshire offers a scenic escape and an adventure playground like no other. From its serene glens and endless expanses of lush forest, to its bleakly beautiful moors, rushing rivers and tumbling waterfalls, it’s easy to see why Perthshire was named “the fairest portion of the northern kingdom” by Sir Walter Scott, Scotland’s famous novelist and poet. 

Located around the fair city of Perth, the capital of the Shire; it is a destination full of sprawling hill landscapes, stunning views, palaces and castles, not to mention a whisky distillery or two.  

Known as the ‘Big Tree Country’ Perthshire boasts magnificent specimens in the many verdant woodlands, forests and gardens across the region. Escape into this beautiful wilderness where you can be at one with nature enjoy observing some of Scotland’s most iconic species in their natural environment, from majestic red deer stags to soaring ospreys. 

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